The idea was put forth by Amias of B&BPM following my CPAN installer project announcement. He suggested that it might be easier to get hosting companies to have a set format for adopting Perl rather than writing a piece of software that allows shared hosting users to install XS perl modules to their user space. I'm going to run with both ideas to cover the problem from both sides and see which bares the most fruit.

So far we are still very much in the concept stage. As far as I see it the project is outlined like this:-

I'm thinking something like "Perl 5.8 Certified Host version 1". When all the modules move forward a new module list with updated versions would be created, and the host would need to update to get the next certification logo "Perl 5.8 Certified Host version 1". Potentially the logo could be served from our machines so would could have it change to 'needs update' or 'not current' or something along those lines...

A mailing list has been started for this project, if you are interested please join the Perl certified hosting mailing list and help us put the project in action